Avacyn Playmat

A commission project for a local tournament.
Judge Bunny Mascot

A presentation that turned into a token project for the Magic: the Gathering judge program.
Deck of Illusions

After a lot of requests, I decided to make a Deck of Illusions
Deck of Many Things

The Deck of Many Things is a very polarizing item for D&D fanatics, they either love it, or hate it. I've always been in the former category, and I decided I would want a physical representation of such a thing.
Darkest Planeswalkers Playmat

A playmat featuring the male mono-colored planeswalkers from M:tG in Darkest Dungeon Style.
Sci-Fi Magic Tokens

I decided to create a unique set of Science Fiction themed Magic: the Gathering tokens!
Superhero Magic Tokens

I made a set of cute superhero tokens for Magic: the Gathering.
Pokemon Pins

I decided to re-draw all the original pokemon so that I could make and sell pins of them at Conventions.
Gothic Horror Tarot Deck

For my final project I wanted to do something splashy; also at the same time, I was just beginning to go and sell art at conventions, and I wanted something truly unique to offer at my booth. I decided to ambitiously attack a tarot card project.
Triple Triad Card Set

A complete Aesthetic overhaul of Final Fantasy VIII's Triple Triad card game.
Pokemon Swap

A fast-paced trading game based around Pokemon!
Art Nouveau Playmat

The Magic planeswalkers if they had been drawn by alfonse mucha.
Magic Painting Project

I've been a long time player of Magic: the Gathering, and in the future Wizards of the Coast is a company I hope to be able to freelance for. So as a practice excersize I decided to have a friend email me a random art description every three days and I would paint it.

Individual Art

Small Birb

Faerie Fox


Cat Familiar

Fae's Corgi

Majestic Crow

Black Unicorn


Lightning Ferret

Anime Nissa

Anime Chandra

Anime Liliana

Anime Jace

The Magus Bride: Elias

The Magus Bride was such a creative and gorgeously animated show, I'm just concerned that we have so many anime these days making skeletons romantic.
Lapis Lazuli

I finally watched Steven Universe and it's... pretty good. I love Lapis' design but prefer Peridot's personality. Maybe one day they will fuse?
Sans Revisited

My old Sans print has been a bestseller at cons, but I don't like it that much, so I re-drew it to look much better!
02: Darling in the Franxx

Until they explain the setting, this show is fantastic!
Hellblazer Constantine

Constantine is a fantastic comic book series and is a wild ride.
Ben de la Creme: Savior of Drag

RuPaul's Drag Race is both horribly cheesy and strangely entertaining. Ben de la Creme will always be the winner of All Stars 3 in my eyes!
Contract Demon Din

I once played a contract demon in D&D, his name was Din and he made sales pitches a lot.
Duck, Duck, Quack!

Request from a friend who wanted to give his dad a painting of ducks for Christmas.

Request from a good friend of mine, the description of his D&D character was something along the lines of 'androgynous elf'.
Warrior Griffon

I love griffons but can never seem to make them look as nice as I want them to! Here is my latest attempt!
Lisa: the Joyful

The Lisa games were deeply frustrating and enjoyable in a way that will never let me forget them.
Log Horizon: Shiroe

Log Horizon was an anime made for me, and Shiroe was a character that feels like he was designed to check all my boxes.
William Izzitin

After posting Teferi online, I had someone commission an image of their custom planeswalker, William Izzitin!
Teferi: Hero of Dominaria

Teferi is a cool character and basically everything I've ever wanted in a UW walker.

I liked Re:Zero, and really liked Rem, so I decided to draw her for con season

Karnak was so cool in Marvel's Ulysses, unfortunately, in his own mini-series, he wasn't quite as good.
King Lelouche

I liked Code Geass probably too much, Lelouche in particular was really cool.
Strange Goblins

I was dumping my old goblin token and needed a new one, of course, this was during my "Doctor Strange" fanatasism phase, so there might be a strange sorcerer in the background :3

Cyclamen, a flower that means goodbye for some cards I was working on

Hyancinth, a flower that means sorry for some cards I was working on
Path of Explosions

Megumin is best wizard.

I was thinking about crow people, so I gave this guy thin cheeks and a beaky nose. somewhere I lost all the color.
Classic Link

I did this one for Retro Gaming Expo.

I did this one after watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the movie was miles worse than the first one but Yondu was still a cool character.

I'm not big on Nahiri, but really did want to paint a Kor. It's such a unique and interesting race.

Read some deadpool and really liked Shiklah's character design. Thought I'd give her a shot.
Doctor Strange

Did you know there is a super hero that is also a wizard? There is hope for american comics after all!
Strange Sorcerer

Painted this one after watching the movie, came out okay.
Nito Fight!

been wanting to do a Dark Souls piece for a while now, and also was getting a little burnt out on drawing people, so... skeleton monster!
America, Season Finale

I'm not American, but even I knew I had to draw something in response to the election.
Forest Fairy

I knew as a fantasy artist it was a travesty that I didn't have a fairy picture! This one was actually super difficult for me for some reason.
Contract Demon

I still like the concept of beaureucratic demons. Always have, always will.
Yano Viana

Decided I drew too many 'beautiful' people and wanted to try some scarring. Chose Yano, because at the end of his story he get's a crazy burn scar.
Your Move, Marchesa

I really liked Brago from Conspiracy, and I'm really sad they killed him off for Conspiracy 2.
Aristocrats to the Rescue!

Scene from the last third of the novel. Yano & Naya fight some kind of ogre in a dungeon. decided to draw it.
Beachcaster Mage

Snapcaster Mage is back from vacation in Modern Masters 2017! But why does his new art look so silly? Bring back Tiago!
Moon Hunters: Sargon

Moon Hunters was a cool little Steam game, check it out for a classic RPG experience! also for Sargon <3
Jace Lounging

I like Jace more than I should.
Anya, Angelic Antagonist

One of the midbosses to my D&D campaign was this old lady angel. Just to throw everyone off.
Soul Statue

When I cleaned out the art page, I found an old piece that I wanted to re-draw. It was kind of like this but completely different. Fun temple practice though.

Doing a final edit of the novel before shipping it to another publisher. I really did like Vanek.
Mayael the Anima, Art Nouveau

commission for an enthusiastic Mayael EDH player!
Colorshifted Jace

I wish I could stop doing Magic Fanart! Decided to paint a colorshifted Jace.

Wanted to do a portrait study, decided to paint Sanya, the little mute girl from one of Vanek's stories.

I wanted to make a saproling token, but ended up making it look more like a voice of resurgence token. Erego, Stargroling.

More undertale stuff. Really liked that game. This one is not as popular at conventions as I thought it would be. Q.Q poor Toriel.

quick evening project, painting of Mettaton's human form.
Team Valor Banner

originally designed as a pin, I decided the design was too intricate for just pins, so... banners!
Team Instinct Banner

originally designed as a pin, I decided the design was too intricate for just pins, so... banners!
Team Mystic Banner

originally designed as a pin, I decided the design was too intricate for just pins, so... banners!

Not my favorite character from Overlord, but a fan favorite. I made this to sell for a convention. I was quite pleased with how it came out.
Blue Mana

more of a personal piece, and another in my 'token series', this one is going to be a 'blue mana token', so I can keep track of how much blue is floating in my pool when I'm playin High Tide.
Angelic Arcanist

so I wanted to make an angel token for Linvala, the Preserver, but being me, I wanted to do something more... blue. Therefore, a blue angel.

nothing super unique, wanted to make some dragon tokens for Dragonmaster Outcast. so I did.
Blue's Clue Token

Made this to be a Magic: the Gathering clue token. I know, everyone and their dog has done a Blue's Clue token but...
Elven Portrait

When I started my new job I thought "you know, I should probably have an avatar that actually looks like me for my work email" and then I painted something that looks nothing like me.
Steampunk Portal Turret

Servo token for Kaladesh. Based off a turret from portal.

Re-watching yugioh. Still super cheesy but the best way to watch people play card games. (sorry MtG pro tour)

A piece of One Punch Man fanart I did for a convention. as I didn't find the idea of drawing Saitama all too appealing.
Eldrazi Scion

made this one more in the style of Ulamog, originally he had like, eyes and wings and looked much more... shoggoth. but people complained my last one didn't look eldrazi enough, so I stuck closer to the book with this one.

Fanart of a character from Divinity: Original Sin, he was the mage companion and I still feel a little lonely knowing that now that I've finished the game I'll never see him again.
Visvana Arcana

I did write a book once, this is the cover I envisioned for it. A lot of details on the rocks and buildings and of course the vague outlines of the main players in the story on the bottom.
Morph Token

I decided to make my own morph tokens for khans block! not much here. looked at the current morph tokens and tried to do something like that. sort of looks like a giant explosion.
Manifest token

in that morph deck I also played Whisperwood Elemental! So I also made myself some manifest tokens. I went for a frontal view to do something a little different.
Final Battle

After finishing my first run of Undertale I knew I had to do some fanart. Asgore was my favorite character in the neutral playthrough.
Vanek, anime style!

this was a very quick piece, I wanted to try something super-stylized, and needed a cellphone background image, thus... ta-da! An anime vanek.
Voyager's Respite

A piece I did after my magic painting project. I wanted to do something kind of magic related but not fanart. so I did this.
The Magic of Blue

Every time I got to a show I try to make 3 new pieces, just to shake things up. oftentimes it's two things I think will actually sell and a personal piece. this was one such personal piece.
Elya Veldstadt, Life Elf

Character portrait for a LARP I'm a part of. I rolled healer instead of my going for my usual, assholeish blaster. I wanted to make friends this time.
Faerie Bottle

Made as a poster for a convention. I figured I should have something general & crowd-pleasing. This seemed like just the thing!
Know your Pokeballs!

Poster of a bunch of pokeball pins I made. Suprisingly popular at conventions.
Temple in the Distance

this is a scene from A Choice of Three that actually got cut. Vanek never approached the temple with Sanya, but the piece came out so nice I couldn't bear to take lil' San out of it.
Mage's Spellbook

ahh, books. the crux of any wizard's arsenal. Love the flavour of spellbooks. this was the cover for one of the first things I ever wrote about Malekai. And I only wrote it because my DM wanted character goals.
Pilsner Heron

Another class branding project, this was a prototype for a pacific pilsner logo. I was pretty pleased with it.
Confident Archmage Vanek

A huge deviation from my normal style. I wanted to do something super... blocky and modern looking. I really like how it came out, but that art style is so unfun to work in!