Tobias Vyseri

Hey there, I'm Tobias Vyseri! I'm your friendly internet artist, graphic designer and Magic: the Gathering judge!

I used to go to a lot of conventions, you can view my convention history and upcoming shows here

Right now I'm working hard on becoming a level 3 Magic judge, as well as my ultimate goal of painting for Wizards of the Coast. I really enjoy Magic, D&D, games and anime (though lately I haven't had a ton of time for games or anime). The best way to get to know me is to play a game with me! If you're ever at a MagicFest with me, challenge me to a game of Legacy or Modern!

I take commissions, if you have a project you want to see realized, email me at and I can give you a quote. If you'd rather contact me through other social media, I'm on all the platforms linked below (though some I'm more active on than others).