Indigo Dragon

Thoughts: For each dragon I wanted to really capture an idea. I'm a big fan of Magic: the Gathering, and in that game blue is primarily the color of control. If I was going to capture the idea of manipulation and dominance anywhere it would be in blue (I mean those are pretty black concepts as well, but if I did a black dragon that wasn't undead I felt like I was definitely 'doing it wrong'). For this one I decided to go with a smaller dragon so I could capture some details on the faerie. I also opted for a more serpentine looking dragon, since I knew I wanted to have something that felt like a traditional Chinese dragon in the series, and with the underground setting, I felt like it fit in well here. I spent a while trying to figure out which color to make the runes circling the dragon, but felt like the contrast of red would really make them stand out among the blue and green hues of the rest of the piece.