Draconic Forest Guardian

Thoughts: This one was, and still is my favourite piece from the set. I really enjoy drawing bark, and got to expunge a lot of cool ideas into this guy. An ancient and gigantic forest guardian is what I went in thinking. The kind of dragon that hides silently in the mountainside and only stirs when its domain is disturbed. I knew bark and moss were going to be super prominent and I worked hard to make them look like, well bark and moss. I wanted him to have horns, but staying in with the woodland theme I decided to give him antlers instead. I also wanted him to be kind of scary, so his wings and slightly lighter-colored were painted with the intent to be evocative of bone. The faeries themselves are similar to the ones featured in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I wanted at least some of the faeries to be tiny and not definitively female-shaped. Here with this gigantic dragon I felt, was the correct place for them to be.