Judge Token Commission


The community manager for the judge program in Canada wanted to make some judge tokens, similar to how Starcity has player and judge tokens. I was contacted as someone both affiliated with art and with judging. I was really excited to work on the project as doing Magic tangential work always excites me!


Painting likenesses of real people was pretty intimidating, I'm bad with faces and didn't want to make someone I know and respect look funny! I spent a lot of time looking at reference pictures and working hard to replicate what I saw! The other challenge was getting the creature type right. One of the more challenging ones was for Jason Wong, because he didn't have a reference image for his face that wasn't scrunched up! his request was to be a disgruntled homunculus on a clue token.

Jason Wong reference photo

The Final Token
The other part of the project was the card backs. Anything with the official Magic logo on it has to be approved by Wizards of the Coast, and getting their approval on the tokens was challenging at best, eventually we ended up using the Canadian Magic Judge logo instead.

Judge token back


I was pretty pleased with most of the tokens, it was a really challenging project that really helped me work on some of the skills I'm weaker at.

Full View of All Tokens
Clue Token

The judge wanted to be a homunculus on a clue token.
Monk Token

The judge wanted to be a Jeskai themed monk.
Knight Token

The judge requested that she be a stained glass themed knight.
Wolf Token

The judge wanted to be a wolf token, I asked if he would rather be a wolf or a wolf person.

Canada's old RC wanted to be an elemental token, getting the likeness on this one was a challenge but I feel like it turned out ok.