Faerie Rogue

Colour: Blue/Black
Stat Block: 1/1, Flying
Thoughts: The concept was easy enough, a Faerie Rogue flying away from law enforcement and using a smokescreen to get away. Her purple coloration is a nod to the black in her color identity as a token, while the blue background tells the other half of her color. Her thick right arm looks out of place now, but at the time of conception I was thinking of Ovan's gigantic left arm in .hack, and in the initial draft she was firing a beacon from it.
Chronologically this is the first one I did, but I didn't use it for my social media announcement of the project for three reasons. One, I don't usually like to advertise a project until it's well underway, in the event I don't follow through, I'm not letting anyone down. And two I knew if I advertised too early in production, people might forget about it by the time I actually had the product available. And finally, I actually kind of hated how this one initially looked. The big pink smog looked goofy and added to the already chaotic color cacophony. The extra beam from her right arm also doesn't help the image, it just adds another light source to an image that has a bunch of those already, and hamstrings my ability to guide the viewer to the focal point. in the final version I darkened the left side of the image and got rid of the distracting beam. I tried to retain the smog in a couple ways, but in the end couldn't get it to work so instead I put in a fire explosion. I also changed the glow on the wings and darkened the background a bit to help the foreground pop. Overall I'm WAY happier with the revised version.