Colour: Blue
Stat Block: 1/0
Thoughts: Elementals were the hardest part of the project. Sci-fi just doesn't really have elementals in the same way that fantasy does. I really had to scrape around for inspiration here, after some digging I came upon the old Terminator 2 movie, and remembered the cool liquid metal of the T-1000. It might not really be an element, but it had a really elemental 'feel' with it's lack of a distinct form and cool indifference to life and death, it really felt like a force of nature. Next I had to pick an elemental to attribute it to, since there was both a red and blue one on my sheet. I was lucky here, in magic blue already has a precedent for being affiliated with a liquid metal substance in Mirrodin's Quicksilver. For the aesthetic itself I was reading Superior Iron Man at the time, which featured Tony Stark in a liquid metal suit, many of my reference images for this image were from this comic, which is why the end result borrows so much of Marvel's distinct aesthetic.