Colour: White
Stat Block: 4/4, Flying
Thoughts: I wanted to go for a "police officer" kind of feel, the initial version actually featured a helmet where you couldn't see her eyes because I wanted her to feel cold and alien. Somewhat reminiscent of the same technique used by WoTC in Zendikar's angels, where they used the halo to obfuscate their eyes, causing the viewer to feel more emotionally distant from the subject. Speaking of initial versions, this is another token that underwent a huge overhaul for a greatly improved visual experience. The initial version had a lot of weird aspects that didn't mesh well, the background was kind of washed out, but still distracting. The whole image lacked contrast and a cohesive light source. Also because fliers in Magic are in white and blue I made her color scheme white and blue, however upon reflections I recalled that angels are the property of W/R almost exclusively. In the update I scaled WAY back on the blue motif and gave her huge yellow wings to help her color identity become more apparent. Also to pay homage to the gorgeous character design that is Overwatch's Mercy. In the revision I also cleaned up the color mess that was the background and darkened it significantly to help viewers focus on the angel. I improved contrast and changed her helmet to something sleeker and more human looking. Overall I am much happier with this revision.