Colour: White
Stat Block: 1/1, Flying
Thoughts: I like birds, they are so cute and fluffy! Too bad this one couldn't be fluffy. For many of the tokens, I not only thought about how to interpret them visually, but also about how such creatures might fit into the sci fi world. Elves would be conscripted into the military, angels would maintain order and peace in the skies, faeries would join the seedy underworld. Birds, well, birds would still be primarily foragers and scavengers, but the type of item a robotic bird would scavenge, might be drastically different from the type of refuse that sustains our city birds currently. To help sell the feel of a scavenging bird, I tried to give it's metal a kind of rusted look, and added a ton of scratches and chips. I stayed really close to the 'white' color pallet here. The bluish/green tint was actually added afterwards when I looked over the image and realized the entire thing looked like a sepia painting. The scrapheap was a challenge, since it's something that I'm not used to and at this proximity there were no shortcuts I could take. In the end I'm glad because I probably would not have any other opportunities to paint a scrap heap.