Colour: White
Stat Block: 2/2
Thoughts: I was thinking a lot about catwoman here. I even think the pose might be lifted from an old catwoman comic. I wanted to give the impression of a thief prowling the rooftops. I wanted to really capture the feel of a thief, so while designing her armor, one of the major things I kept in mind was this idea of agility and grace. Nothing could really be too bulky and everything had to contour to her body as tightly as possible. I feel like in the end I managed to accomplish this with a degree of proficiency. However I wanted to stray away from a boring black and grey color scheme, I knew a challenge when drawing a bunch of metal and armor was going to be avoiding making everything a boring grey color. Instead I looked to actual cats and gave her a fun calico color scheme. This might've been on the forefront of my mind because of the large significance such cats played in Timothy Findley's 'Not Wanted on the Voyage' (which I highly recommend to anyone who would call themselves a literary enthusiast). But by far, one of the biggest challenges was the cityline. I don't usually paint cityscapes so it was a great learning experience, and I used the skills learned here in many of my other backgrounds.