Colour: Blue
Stat Block: 2/2, Flying
Thoughts: So, for this one I needed to find out what a drake actually was. Like, in relation to a dragon, what makes them different? Other than the fact that in Magic one is red and the other is blue. In the end I determined that drakes were just blue dragons without arms. The cityscape was a challenge again. I find drawing angular items like buildings very boring since it's a more technical type of art, so while I'm glad I got to practice it and get more familiar with it, it's not something I enjoy or will look forward to doing in the future. The drake itself was relatively easy to draw, since I wanted to give the impression that it was larger I didn't do the detailed metal texturing as in the other pieces and just gave him an overall more shiney look. The unfortunate outcome was that he looks like a Blue Eyes White Dragon from Yugioh, which I didn't notice until I was finished.