Colour: Green
Stat Block: 1/1
Thoughts: How do I make an elf sci-fi themed? First I looked to Warhammer 40k which literally has two races of space elves, or rather, a race of space elves and a race of space hedonists, I mean drow. Unfortunately I felt that their characterization of space elves, while interesting and unique, was not going to be something I could draw from. Sure if I emulated the cute spartan-eque helms of the eldar exarchs and gave the armor a sleek and bulbous look I'm sure some 40k fans would wet themselves, but the rest of us would just be confused. Instead I asked myself “what makes an elf?” the answer I gave was “pointy ears” ubiquitously, across all genres and mediums, it's basically a pan-dimensional fact. Thus I decided that my image would need to show pointed ears prominently. To facilitate this the camera would need to be close to the subject's face, and the subject's head needed to be visible (that means no helmets!). I looked at a few reference images of sci-fi humans and just kind of took it away. I gave her a gun and some blocky armor. To keep the image from looking too plain, I also played around with battle damage. Overall I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out.