Colour: Red
Stat Block: 1/1
Thoughts: There is only one depiction of goblins I've ever actually liked, and that is their presentation in Pathfinder. Pathfinder managed to somehow strike the balance between cute and horrifying in just the right way with these little guys, making them strangely endearing. I drew heavily from this aesthetic, the wide mouth filled with pointed teeth and big floppy ears hearken back to it, as well as the adorably crappy cobbled together armor. The duct tape was added as a sci-fi twist, since while it is an every day object, it's metallic look gives it a weird low budget sci-fi feel. I also retained Pathfinder's design of the hat, though mine is made of metal and not fabric. By this time the drawing was almost done, but goblins have a weird affinity for fire, so I felt like the image would be incomplete without some kind of fire element. I mulled over a few options but ended up deciding on a giant battery pack sparking some cords. Having the weirdly contemporary Duracell battery in the image gives the whole thing a cobbled together feel that I think works really well for a goblin.