Colour: Colorless
Stat Block: 3/3
Thoughts: What is a golem? A man-made construct. But everything in my sci-fi world is a man-made construct. I thought about it for a bit and decided that a way to make it feel more like a man-made construct was to show a man actually making it. Or, uhmm, woman, because it's 2017, I guess. This must be my subconscious responding to all those female scientists Marvel's been pushing lately. Anyways, this one was hard. Like really hard. I do not paint robots. And this is the robotyest robot I've ever had to paint. I didn't want it to look like an exoskeleton so I took a few pages out of the Gundam design book. The extremely bricky, square aesthetic, visible joints and black panel lines (or are they called panel lines only on the models?) all shout back to Gundam's cool yet inhuman designs. This was super challenging for me because perspective is a large weakness of mine, and this is basically just that but 100 times. It was a lot of checking and double checking and re-drawing but I feel like I got something good in the end, so it was worth it.