Colour: White
Stat Block: 1/1
Thoughts: Human was a tough one, I wanted to avoid another dude in armor, my soldier already had that covered. But if the human looked to regular there would be nothing that made it feel "sci-fi". When I was brainstorming I asked a friend of mine what I should do and almost instantly he said "make it an alien" I remember just staring at him before slowly saying "No. That is literally the most wrong thing I could do here". Instead I looked back on my source material to see what they were doing with humans, and what I found was the Matrix. A movie that had a huge impact on me in my early high-school years, I still remember being so blown away by Agent Smith's well articulated monologue during the climax of the third movie. I thought about it and realized that FBI agents were a mainstay of sci-fi, in almost any dystopia you can find creepy government agents doing creepy government things. Human, but also alien feeling. I knew this was my winner. I really wanted to sell the Matrix feel though, so instead of staying close to my prescribed color pallete (white) I decided to emulate the weird green filter that the Matrix used on the majority of it's first movie.