Colour: Colorless
Stat Block: 3/3, Deathtouch
Thoughts: Wurmcoil Engine is the only card that makes these, and that is already a robotic wurm. I needed to be very careful and avoid simply replicating Wurmcoil Engine. First I knew I was going to do two similar but contrasting tokens. I deviated from my color pallete, letting this one be green and red while it's partner was blue and brown. Red felt more evil, more like something that might be poisonous enough to have deathtouch. His mouth is open and he's growling aggressively. I wanted to show a wurm that's been corrupted by technology, his flesh is deteriorating faster than his mechanical side, leaving rotting flesh inside a pristine metal shell. The most challenging part of this one was the rocks below him. I wanted the wurm to feel big and to do that I had to make sure the detail around him was really intricate, so it felt small. This was a new thing for me, I usually try to avoid drawing backgrounds, and especially feet, so doing all that rock-work really challenged what I am used to as an artist.