Colour: White
Stat Block: 1/1, Prowess
Thoughts: Monks are spiritual fighters, a very far cry from something you would see in a sci-fi setting, bringing him into the theme was going to require some effort. I gave him some sleek looking armor and seated him in the lotus position, which hearkens back to eastern mysticism. Then I took the trappings of a circuit-board and created a magic circle designed to look like a lotus. Or at least it was supposed to, I feel like I may have lost the flower-feel in the circuitry at some point. I also knew that I wanted this one to be one of the select few members of this set that sported cloth in his design (I'm a sucker for billowing robes and capes, and typically in my art I try to include as many of these as possible, to avoid just drawing the same stuf I normally do, I made it a personal rule to avoid cloth as much as possible in the project) Monks robes are very indicative and I wanted to include them. I looked to Kali from Mass Effect to see how a hooded, armored character would look and drew inspiration from that. I was overall pretty pleased with how this one came out.