Colour: Green
Stat Block: 1/1
Thoughts: Saproling was another tough one. I tried really hard to see if I could integrate nature and technology, to no real avail, in the end I thought about why saprolings would even be in this sci-fi universe. Well obviously because someone did a stupid experiment on a tree! And thus I have a tree-man breaking out of the lab where he was born. In the other tubes there are little... half-grown tree men. After looking back at it, he reminds me a lot of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, which is, ironically, a sci fi series that features a tree man.... hmmm. This one was refreshing to paint. Doing the detail work on the bark was awesome. And making the cracked tile in the background was also pretty enjoyable. I'm not really entirely sure where the light is coming from in this image so you'll have to get a little imaginative there, but overall I'm really pleased with this one.