Colour: White
Stat Block: 1/1, Flying
Thoughts: Spirit is another hard to tackle concept in sci fi, go too ghosty and you end up just being a fantasy creature with the background telling the setting's story, but go too abstract and people will get confused. I'm not sure if I went too abstract here. I wanted to capture the idea of a machine spirit, haunting through technology. More of a horror trope than a sci fi one, to be honest. The poor sap that's lying in a pool of his own blood is supposed to be some kind of unfortunate security guard that was simply on the wrong shift. A lot of the red was added in the pre-print revision, and I'm glad. This one was quite bland before. I got to play with a cool and fun grain effect on the monitor, as well as goof off with some overlay options. Overall I think this one is a little plain, but I wasn't really sure what to add to enhance it. Anything in the background felt like it was taking attention away from the wraith in the foreground.