Colour: Black
Stat Block: 1/1, Lifelink
Thoughts: I thought about what made a vampire a vampire and decided it was fangs and blood sucking. For this one I wanted him to have a kind of 'assassin' look, as both of them take to the shadows and on occasion kill people. Now, while I did incorporate a light fang design into his helmet I think the really interesting part of this image s the needle gun he's carrying. I wanted to get across the idea that vampires would use technological means to drain their victims in the future. I wanted the gun to be functional, I gave a logical through-tube for the fluid to follow when drained by the pointed apparatus on the front. I opted to have the blood tanks glow a little because, well everything feels more futuristic if it glows, and it also takes away a little of the "gross-out" element. A large tank of blood is kind of gross, but a large tank of bright red glowing fluid is less gross, even if you're pretty sure it's probably blood.