Ivory Dragon

Thoughts: For this one I had the idea of a regal, queenly dragon. I wanted to make her feel very different from the ferocious lizards that some dragons are depicted as. I wanted to convey this idea of a society where she was at the top. To do this I included the wreckage of a castle in the background and a dilapidated throne, perhaps she conquered the fae regents of this land and has retooled their abode? I've also bedecked her in ornamentation, giving her a half-moon shaped tiara, as well as a blue shawl. The fae in this piece are her retainers, her vanguard. Consisting of female mages and warriors, dressed in her colors of gold and blue. I also wanted to distinguish her from the other dragons by giving her feathered wings instead of the more traditional leather ones, I took inspiration for this from the Jeskai dragons in magic that also sported strange feathered wings, I think it really gives the dragon an 'otherworldy' feel and makes the ivory dragon a unique piece.