Tobias Vyseri

Hey there, I'm Tobias Vyseri and I run this site, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you're here! This site is basically a collection of stuff I've made about stuff I love.

And one of those things is Magic: the Gathering! Right now I'm exploring JudgeLife® (not to be confused with actual regular life) and just starting to travel to GP's. I absolutely adore blue, from it's cantrips to it's counterspells I love playing control! It's my dream to paint a counterspell one day!

Dungeons and Dragons also holds a special place in my heart (I wrote a webcomic based on one campaign and I wrote a novel based on another.)

Other than that I'm just your regular every day artist/graphic designer. I love to hear feedback and am currently looking for full time employment in Graphic Design, if you're interested my resume can be viewed here, you can also send me an email

also because it's 2017, I'm on basically every other social media platform. So pick your favorite one and follow/friend/tweet/pin me there!