Apocalypse Playing Cards

A deck of traditional playing cards based on the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

An original card game that was funded on Kickstarter.
Avacyn Playmat

A commission project for a local tournament.
Judge Bunny Mascot

A presentation that turned into a token project for the Magic: the Gathering judge program.
Chromatic Dragons

A commission of six different colored dragons.
Deck of Illusions

After a lot of requests, I decided to make a Deck of Illusions
Deck of Many Things

The Deck of Many Things is a very polarizing item for D&D fanatics, they either love it, or hate it. I've always been in the former category, and I decided I would want a physical representation of such a thing.
Darkest Planeswalkers Playmat

A playmat featuring the male mono-colored planeswalkers from M:tG in Darkest Dungeon Style.
Sabacc Deck

A physical reprisentation of the game of Sabacc from Star Wars.
Sci-Fi Magic Tokens

I decided to create a unique set of Science Fiction themed Magic: the Gathering tokens!
Superhero Magic Tokens

I made a set of cute superhero tokens for Magic: the Gathering.

A commission where I redesigned a client's board game.
Pokemon Pins

I decided to re-draw all the original pokemon so that I could make and sell pins of them at Conventions.
Gothic Horror Tarot Deck

For my final project I wanted to do something splashy; also at the same time, I was just beginning to go and sell art at conventions, and I wanted something truly unique to offer at my booth.
Triple Triad Card Set

A complete Aesthetic overhaul of Final Fantasy VIII's Triple Triad card game.
Pokemon Swap

A fast-paced trading game based around Pokemon!
Art Nouveau Playmat

The Magic planeswalkers if they had been drawn by alfonse mucha.
Judge Tokens

Commission work for the Canadian Magic Judge program. I turned real people in magical creatures!
VRI Design Work

A bunch of various design projects I did for an online business focussed on connecting people.
The Adventures of Professor Whovianart

A commissioned comic book I did for a client.
Distance Learning Space

A brand redesign for Distance Learning Space.
PhD Business Card

A Biochemistry PhD Candidate (and my fantastic photographer) needed some business cards, so I made him some!
Sayed Najibi Business Card

A business card designed for a local realtor.
Ming Yan Seafood

A DRMG menu designed for a chinese restaurant